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WebMaster Incorporated and WebChat.org are creating a new service for users of the WebChat Community. This new service gives 10Mb of web accessible storage to each user and channel. Access to the website will be through the use of DriveShare the new RAS (Remote Attached Storage) software that will shortly be available by WebMaster. DriveShare allows users to mount a remote server as a drive on their system allowing them to create, edit, copy and delete their web pages as if the website was on their local system. These pages were created and edited in real time using this process.

How it Works

You will shortly be able to download the DriveShare client and once installed you will enter in your nickname, password and choose a drive letter. After that a new drive with the letter you have chosen will be mounted on your system. This drive will have a container for each nickname that you have specified. Under that container will be a list of directories that will include your nickname and channels. to. For example if your nickname had access to three channels your drive would have 4 directories:


Changing into one of those directories would put you into your root dir for the following:


These directories will be created the first time you write a file into them. It is our hope that people will add links to their channel and user blogs as well as other links and files of interest. Though we don't consider this a service that requires really high security it should be noted your password is never stored on your local system and all the information that is transfered to and from a mounted drive uses SSL.

When will this be available?

NOW! It's in beta (with all the caveats that go along with beta code. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page. We would appreciate all feedback regarding this service and the stability/performance of the DriveShare system. Though we soon plan on supporting multiple Operating Systems the first client that will be available will be for XP, 2003 and Vista. We plan on an OSX and Linux client in the very near future.

Legal Notices

WebMaster Incorporated will cooperate with all requests from law enforcment and you should read our policies regarding the DMCA available here: WebMaster DMCA Information. Other legal notices are available here: WebMaster Legal Notices.

More Information

For more information about DriveShare, ParaDrive and CryptoFS please see the WebMaster Incorporated main web site.


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